Living in today's world, it is hard to feel free.

A person truly comfortable with being themselves? Not so common anymore.
Now who am I..?

I am the girl who never truly knew what I looked like. Crazy, right?

I am a mixed girl. My mother being white, and my father Jamaican. My parents divorced, and I had lived with my mom. 

Though I don't blame her, my mother didn't know what to do with all my hair. I never really knew what my curls looked like until my late twenties, as my mother used relaxers on my hair from a young age. I was eventually forced into the "big chop," as I had finally discovered the beautiful curls that lie beneath the weave I would wear throughout my life.

On top of that, I considered myself a late bloomer, constantly comparing myself to others... until one day, I loved myself.

As I would look around, I would see other women that never felt like they were enough. I knew because I was one of them.

Real women don't get the credit they deserve. You deserve love in your most natural form. I've created these products to remind women of that very belief.

I started this for YOU.